Artist: Christmas Holiday Special w/ Joshua Carswell, Page Park, The Hall Sisters

Joshua Carswell can't remember a time when he wasn't singing. A winner of the American Traditions Competition in Savannah, GA, one of the nation's most prestigious vocal contests, and a graduate of Elon University. Music was ever present in the Carswell home. 'I would record musicals on our television and watch them over and over. I started subscribing to Turner Classic Movies magazine at the age of 12 just so I could record rare movie musicals!', says Joshua. Disney soundtracks, crooner legends like Tony Bennett, pop innovators like Billy Joel and the Carpenters, and the songs of the Great American Songbook shaped his artistic sensibilities early on. 'The excellence of those songwriters and performers is distinctively American. They inspire me to continue their legacy.'

Music has always been at the center of the Hall household, and their performances showcase that variety of sounds and styles. Soulful originals, crazy fun throwbacks, and inspiring hymns are just a sampling of their music-making. Whatever your artistic tastes, the Hall Sisters will sing and smile their way into your heart."We didn't recognize what we had, initially," says Jessica. "It took inspiration and a lot of hard work to get us to where we are." With appearances at the Grand Ole Opry House, the National Quartet Convention, and even Carnegie Hall, the Hall Sisters are an example of what practice and passion can deliver.